Ornamental Aluminum Fences

Best Quality for the Best Price!
You get heavy commercial grade aluminum at the price of residential. Install yourself or get it professionally installed.

Our ornamental fencing is unmatched in Knoxvile with price and selection. We pride ourselves with being the only fence company in Knoxville to stock 3-4 of the most popular styles to maximize the best possible price with volume buying and the quick turnaround by not have to order your fence per job which saves you both time and money.

Affordable, quality aluminum fence panels! It’s the perfect choice for homeowners who covet the stately look of wrought iron fence without all the maintenance worries and the high cost. Ornamental fence makes an enduring statement while surrounding your home with the timeless beauty of the past. It not only acts as a decorative barrier for your security, safety and protection for both your children and pets, but it increases the value of your property.

Factory To You Fence has set out to provide each customer with a quality selection of decorative aluminum fencing that incorporates both the flexibility and durability of aluminum extrusions and the elegance of a powder coated finish. The fencing systems was designed to incorporate a two-piece rail with a specially designed pivot pin for fastening the pickets instead of the conventional “screw together” system that is currently used in the market place. This means our fences have no unsightly screws. The rails are fully enclosed for strength and they help in eliminating the danger from wasps, yellow jackets or other unwanted insects nesting beneath the channels.

There are six styles available in both the commercial and residential grade. Because Aluminum is lightweight and easy to handle, the installation process is a fairly simple. Panel sections can accommodate slight grade changes in the land, but upon your request, panels can be double or tripled-punched for steeper slopes so they can adapt to your terrain with ease.

There’s no better way to enhance the sophistication of your fence and property than to add an aluminum ornamental drive-through gate. Not only does it create a truly impressive entrance to your home, but it is added security!

Contact us to get more information in the type, style and price that is right for you. Please fee free to call us at your nearest location, or contact us through the website! We will be happy to give you a free estimate or to discuss your fencing needs.


Powder coated

Classic comes with 1 1/8” by 1” rail – 5/8” by 5/8” heavy gauge aluminum pickets

All styles are available in 4’, 5’, and 6’ heights
Standard sections are 6’ in length

Heritage comes in three colors – Black, White & Bronze

Optional Finial Adornments

Our finials add extra details to our fencing and gates. Can be added separately or pre-installed. Please note that Victorian and Triad finials cannot be used on double.

Cap Selections

The posts come standard with a flat cap. If you would like a fancier cap, a decorative ball cap may be used in place of out standard cap.

Optional Ring Adorments

Adding rings to your panels will add an additional feature which aids in the softening of the linear face of your fencing.

Comparison guide

Our Fences

  • Fully boxed for superior strength
  • Extra heavy wall thickness
  • Internal wall for picket fastening so that there are no exposed screws

Their Fences

  • Open channel
  • Exposed screws
  • Lightweight construction
  • Inferior Strength