Arbors and Toppers

Want a simple and elegant way to increase the curb appeal of your home? Try adding an upgrade to your gate or deck with a stylish and distinctive arbor or topper. Our products can be added along the top of almost any wood fence, turning them into welcoming access. It combines exquisite aesthetics with practical utility while still addressing all your needs. 

Arbors are freestanding structures that serve as a shelter and can provide privacy, shade, and a seating area in your yard or garden. In addition, arbors offer partial protection from the weather and are the perfect synthesis of nature and artificial aesthetics.

Our hand-built arbors and toppers are structurally strong enough to hang a walk gate. They come in variable sizes of 4’, 5’, and 6’ wide. We can also customize our structures for larger areas to ensure your specifications and requirements are met, and your needs are served. We guarantee we deliver the best output on projects and deliver the highest value to all customers.

Our arbors and toppers are an excellent way to welcome guests into your yard or garden. You can decorate your arbor entrance with plant ivy, roses, and other climbing vines for more beauty and elegance, inviting you to enter your world of blooming flower gardens and lush green landscape.

Garden arbors provide a relaxing seating place in the privacy of your backyard. Adding various climbing plants to your arbor can help you create a warm, scenic environment in your yard to be proud of. Pressure treatment protects and extends the life of our hardwood arbors.

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