Chain Link Fences

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Our vinyl coated chain link fences are available in black, green, brown or white. You have the flexibility of choosing the height. Four and Five foot are most common, however, it is available in heights as low as 3 foot and as high as you choose. Don’t forget, though, that most building departments will ask that residential customers not be higher than six foot.

Our vinyl coated chain link fences are built with the same strength as our aluminized fencing. The gates are also welded, and all of the posts are also set in concrete. Our installers are skilled in “dressing” the wire, which is the proper way to install chain link. We are fortunate to have installers with years of experience with our company. There are few people in this industry with the talent to correctly “dress” chain link. This fabric is only available in one gauge, which is nine gauge, however, the post sizes will vary according to your height of fence. They will not be smaller than 2 1/2″ for the end or corner posts, and 1 5/8″ for the line posts.

For the convenience of our customers, we provide installations year around, however, be sure to plan ahead on your installation. The summer months are very busy, and this will allow us to accommodate for your holiday parties or pool installation. Contact one of our estimators for a free appointment to discuss design and pricing options.

The possibilities with chain link fencing are unlimited, because of its versatility, strength, flexibility, and low cost installation. It is by far the most used fencing in both commercial and residential markets. Chain link fence is a cost-effective way to shelter you children or pets, and to protect your commercial property and assets. We offer chain link fencing in black, green, and brown. For extra privacy we offer various types of slating for our chain link fences. Chain link fencing today is built to last over 15 years. These galleries are just a sample of what we have to offer and what we have installed in the past for our residential chain link fencing. To view even more samples visit our showroom in Baldwin Place, NY. For more information on chain link fencing or to receive a free in home estimate call or email our offices today!

Looking to fence around a baseball field or fence around any sports field? We have installed large and small backstops and baseball field fencing to create a beautiful baseball playing area in any yard or space. Whether it is a regulation size backstop for a field that is often used or a smaller sized backstop for practice fields, we install both. We have completed various prevailing wage commercial jobs including our backstop and baseball field fencing. We have installed tall commercial chain link fencing around these baseball playing field jobs including the backstops. We can ultimately install around any playing field with the correct fencing when given a plan or outline. This gallery is just a sample of what we have to offer for our sports area and backstop fencing. To view even more samples and pictures from past installations, stop by our showroom in Baldwin Place, NY.

In general, galvanized chain link fence or PVC coated chain link fencing are often used for security and protection in houses, roads, gardens and other fields. While industrial and commercial chain link fence is usually heavier than the residential fence, as well as the chain link fence accessories and parts.

Chain link fence system is ideal for residential and commercial application, no other fencing can offer the benefits of durability and security with flexibility and value like chain-link. Industrial property owners prefer chain link fence to protect corporate assets and prevent intrusion. Chain link fence can offer enhanced security at an economical cost. It is also natural for fencing yards, sports fields and playgrounds.

Chain link fence is an excellent choice for a fence that will be aesthetically pleasing and versatile. The right fence will offer years of protection, privacy and value. Chain link fence comes in many different levels of quality, color, sizes and styles. Before making a final selection it is important to spend some time learning about the different chain link fence available. The time you spend learning about chain link fence will help you select a fence that will bring you the most value for your money and right fence for your needs.

A chain link fence is comprised of four different elements: fabric, framework, fittings and gates. Depending on how these elements are manufactured and combined affects the quality of the chain link fence. Each of these different elements are available in a wide range of weights or gauges and types of coatings. It is recommended the way these components are manufactured and assembled meet the American Society for Testing and Materials ( ASTM ). The typical coating for chain link fence is zinc, also known as galvanized. In addition to galvanized chain link fence, you will also find chain link components with vinyl or polyester coating. These coatings not only enhance the chain link fence aesthetic appeal but also protect the chain link fence against corrosion and rust.

Commercial color chain link fence systems provide additional performance and protection compared to ordinary chain link fence systems. Commercial color chain link uses polyolefin coating that offers superior adhesion between galvanized steel and an exterior coating. With no need for a solvent base primer, commercial color chain link is environmental friendly to manufacture. The polyolefin coating is resistant to ultra violet light and corrosive environments.

Applications: Commercial color chain link is an excellent choice for commercial property owners looking for the strength and protection of a chain link fence system while blending into the natural environment. In addition, color chain link is an excellent choice where security and protection from corrosion is required. Different types and colors of decorative polyethylene slats are available to add privacy to commercial color chain link.

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